The Executive Committee is in charge of governing the Association. The Executive Committee can submit issues for decision at the Members’ Meeting. The Executive Committee carries out the decisions of the Members’ Meeting and conducts the Association’s business in the periods between the Members’ Meetings.

The Executive Committee consists of members elected by the members at the Member’s meeting. The members of the Executive Committee must be as representative as possible of the nations and regions from which members come, conformably to the provisions in the Standing Orders. Procedures for the election of and term of office for Executive Committee members are regulated by the Standing Orders. More information is provided in the Articles and Standing orders of ISCAR.


Katerina Plakitsi (President)

Full Professor
Department of Early Childhood Education
School of Education
University of Ioannina


Ian Thompson (Vice President/Treasurer)

Associate Professor
Department of Education
University of Oxford
United Kingdom


Adolfo Tanzi Neto (Secretary)

Adjunct Professor
Department of Humanities and Language Studies
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Visiting Professor
Department of Computer Science
Federal University of Bahia


Nick Hopwood (Editor of newsletter)

Associate Professor
School of Education
University of Technology Sydney

Extraordinary Professor
Department of Curriculum Studies
University of Stellenbosch
South Africa