This section aims to bring together researchers and practitioners involved with the use of AT-based methods for the design and evaluation of computer software and hardware, information systems, human-computer interaction, computer-supported cooperative work, and computer-based work processes generally. We hope to promote and support an exciting and innovative multidisciplinary discourse which recognizes that the practical application of activity theory to the development of technology transcends traditional boundaries between the theoretical and applied sciences, and between science, art, and design.

ATIT is a growing international movement. Our hope is that this section will bring together and support the many existing ISCAR members with interests in the field, and also attract new members from relevant disciplines such as computer science, information systems, software engineering, ergonomics, applied psychology, etc.

Expected activities

We hope to organize workshops, Symposia, Seminars and Special Sessions and courses on ATIT, both independently and in association with ISCAR conferences and activities. We also hope to produce publications associated with ATIT section activities; ATIT newsletter/ mailing list/Web site; contributions on ATIT to ISCAR newsletter, etc. Please contact us with your suggestions for section activities.


The ATIT section is organized by Olav Bertelsen at Aarhus University, Denmark and Steve Harris at the University of Glamorgan, UK. For more information, to offer comments and suggestions, and/or to add your details to our mailing list, please contact Steve Harris srharris@glam.ac.uk.