Cultural-Historical Psychology is a quarterly international scientific open access journal published since 2005 by the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. It focuses on the history, current advances and future perspectives of cultural-historical psychology of L.S. Vygotsky and provides the scene for dialogue and collaboration of researchers of cultural-historical activity theory all over the world.

The journal is aimed at professionals particularly interested in patterns of human development: psychologists, historians and methodologists of science, philosophers, special education teachers and specialists in various fields of anthropology.

In 2006 Cultural-Historical Psychology became officially affiliated with the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR).

Cultural-Historical Psychology is a peer-reviewed academic journal. Every submitted paper that complies with our general requirements undergoes the procedure of double-blind peer review.

Abstracts, keywords, reference lists and author information are available in Russian and English languages for all published materials.

The Editorial Board and Editorial Council of the journal include 37 experts with various academic degrees (Candidate of Science, Doctor of Science or equivalent qualifications) engaged in research or teaching in higher education. The list of the Editorial Board and/or Editorial Council members is published in each issue of the journal and on its official website in Russian and English, with an indication of their academic degrees.

The journal is registered in the Russian Science Citation Index (see Publication in RSCI) and regularly provides information about the articles published in this index. It is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for publishing doctoral research results.

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