First Announcement of the ISCAR conference 2024: Inclusiveness as a future challenge

ISCAR Conference 2024: Inclusiveness as a future challenge

The local organizing Committee is happy to inform you that the next international ISCAR congress will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from August 26th to 30th 2024.

The theme of this meeting will be ‘Inclusiveness as a future challenge’. We strive to offer new perspectives on creating opportunities for all people to participate and interact with each other and the world around them. Diversity and interaction are crucial to deal with the complex challenges of the current and future world, such as climate change, inequality and technology. This congress brings together a diverse population of researchers and practitioners who base their work on Cultural-Historical Activity Theory.

The Netherlands has a long tradition of research based on CHAT in different domains, including education. Developmental Education is a good example of a collaboration in which researchers and educators work closely together to create meaningful education for a diverse student population. We are pleased to have the opportunity to give scholars and practitioners from around the world an insight into the close alignment between theory and practice through presentations and school visits.

Founded in 2002, ISCAR is a leading international organization that promotes research and understanding of the cultural and social foundations of human activity and development. The organization brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines, including psychology, sociology, anthropology and education, to examine the ways in which culture shapes human behavior and experience.

Schedule of the conference
There is a PhD-day and room to attend workshops and visit schools on August 26th and 27th.
The congress will take place from August 28th till 30th at Postillion Convention Centre WTC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Call for proposals
The call for proposals will be published on October 2st. We would like to invite CHAT-driven researchers and practitioners to share their work at the conference in the form of papers, symposia, poster presentations, discussion tables, and workshops, focused on theory-driven innovation of practice. Preferably we receive proposals related to the conference theme, but other CHAT-related topics are also welcome. You can also organize pre-conference workshops on specific themes. It will be possible to upload your proposal between October 2th 2023 and February 1st 2024. You can register from October 2st 2023.


Hello Iscar. I haven’t been part of this group before, however, a friend and colleague, Eduardo Weiss Horz was a great fan before his passing. In fact, I last saw him in 2017, while attending this conference in Quebec, Canada. He had introduced me to it because of the work I do in historical and cultural youth political activity. I would like to be involved in the 2024 conference. Please, if possible, I would want to be part of the emailing list informing about the conference. Greeings, nombuso

S. Nombuso Dlamini November 26, 2023

Dear Organizers,

I represent an Italian research team, the Learning Science hub (LSh), which is interested in the ISCAR Conference 2024. We are looking for the call for proposals, which was supposed to be published on 2nd Oct. 2023.

Is it available already?

Kind regards

Marco di Furia November 26, 2023

As has become tradition CHACDOC would like to arrange a one day workshop before the ISCAR conference in Rotterdam. We Louise Bøttcher, Ditte Winther-have already formulated the program. We will kindly asks the organisers to announce this together with their program. Since we need room and catering, we also will kindly ask the organisers to take care of this and include the possible cost for this in their announcement.
Best wishes Mariane Hedegaard

Mariane Hedegaard November 26, 2023

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