Presentation JOURNAL Papeles de Trabajo sobre Cultura , Educación y Desarrollo Humano / Working Papers on Culture, Education, and Human Development

[I am posting this on behalf of MOISES ESTEBAN-GUITART. Please follow the link below to the journal and support it if you are interested. Malcolm Reed]

Dear members of the scientific committee of the Journal Papeles de Trabajo
sobre Cultura, Educación y Desarrollo Humano / Working Papers on Culture,
Education, and Human Development,

On behalf of the editorial board, I would like to thank you for your
support and acceptance to join the scientific committee of the Journal.
Your acceptance will certainly add value to the Journal and this will make
possible to visualize an international community which has certain
convergences around human behavior which were largely reduced during the
20th century both to the behaviorist “black box” and to the cognitivist
“mechanism”. Aristotle said that “Being can be said in many ways” and
elusive and complex concepts such as “culture” can also be conceptualized
in many different ways: social institutions, cultural artifacts,
lifestyles or sociocultural practices. In any case, I suspect that all of
us share a special feeling for the critical role that both culture and
education have for the development of higher psychological processes and
ultimately for the human mind and behavior.

Secondly, I would like to acknowledge and thank the work done by David
Poveda, founder of the journal, and also to the editorial team of the
“Universidad Autónoma de Madrid”. David has now taken the role of editor
of the Journal “Linguistics and Education” and it is my honor and pleasure
to inherit the editorial responsibility of the Journal that David began 10
years ago, in 2005, and which was edited, with the help of his team, in an
exceptional way and with great success. I would like to congratulate and
thank David and wish him good luck in his new publishing challenges.

Attached below you will find the link to the new website where you will be
able to see your names as part of the scientific committee as well as the
accepted papers, instructions for authors and reviewers and others:

The Journal has now opened a call for articles to be reviewed in any of
the three modalities previewed. The articles to be reviewed can be sent in
both Spanish and English to the following address:

Do not hesitate to send an article, if you consider it appropriate, as
well as to facilitate information to colleagues and friends so they can
send their work. The Journal, as you will see, is oriented towards
conceptualization work, empirical analysis (preferably qualitative
studies) and social and educational intervention from a sociocultural
perspective. In this sense, the Journal sympathizes with other existing
journals such as “Culture & Psychology”, “Mind, Culture and Activity”,
“Learning, Culture and Social Interaction” or “Human Development”, of
which some of you are also editors. The particularity of Working Papers is
that it is one of the few journals that accept articles in Spanish from a
Vygotskian perspective emphasizing the relationship between human
development, culture and education.

We hope to be able to contribute towards reflection and putting into
action a way of understanding human condition in which we are the result
of participation in educational practice ( both in schools and beyond
them) in which we appropriate of the artifacts which orient, extend and
motivate higher psychological processes such as verbal thought, identity
or intentional memory. Proactive processes and mechanisms that mark the
psychological development of people as well as the particular relationship
among them and the ecological niches where human activity is located,
distributed and exists.

I just want to thank you again for your willingness and generosity.

Best regards,

Editorial board of “Papeles de Trabajo sobre Cultura, Educación y
Desarrollo Humano / Working Papers on Culture, Education, and Human

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