Conceptual PlayLab

The Conceptual PlayLab is Australia’s first national programmatic study that aims to research a cultural-historical model of teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics to young children.  The 5 year study draws upon cultural-historical theory and methodology to create significant shifts in the ways STEM concepts are taught to young children in play-based settings in Australia, and elsewhere.  Our Conceptual PlayLab is funded by the Australian Research Council and is led by Monash University Laureate Professor Marilyn Fleer. Three pillars of research are each led by a Senior Research Fellow: Dr Glykeria Fragkiadaki, Dr Maria Hatzigianni and Dr Prabhat Rai. Six PhD scholarship holders, one Research Officer, Dr Sue March, and several affiliated PhD candidates and visiting scholars are dedicated to taking the research forward. The first pillar studies children’s thinking in STEM from infancy and into school, the second pillar is centered on how families create the conditions for a motive orientation to STEM, and the third pillar studies teachers and the STEM PlayWorld practices in play-based settings. Here is our latest newsletter. Read more, download our free app and subscribe to our newsletter.

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