Report from the CHACDOC Konference 2022

Dear Intellectual Colleagues,

What a fantastic gathering at CHACDOC.  A wealth of deeply considered and sensitively prepared presentations, affording much food for thought. We certainly felt the warmth and generosity in the spirit of sharing each other’s knowledge and perspectives on cultural-historical concepts, particularly the zone of proximal development and of sustainability and care approaches in relation to children’s development.

Several themes resonated strongly and have provoked the beginning of what is certain to be ongoing conversations. These included the consideration and application of the child’s perspective and, sustainability and the collective. Furthermore, we have been urged to think diligently about care in relation to education, self, others and the world whilst also looking at the value of care in contemporary environments. Some interesting questions were posed to challenge our thinking and to explore how we look at familiar concepts in progressive ways.

In addition to the sensationally organised and delivered academic content, we appreciated the beautiful beach location of Helsingor and the Konventum resort, where we were most welcomed and fed a surplus of delicious food. We are also so thankful to have made many new friends far and wide. 

We would  like to extend a big thank you to Ditte for her kind gesture and the time she spent showing us the Kronborg Castle on arrival. We must also thank Marianne hugely for encouraging everyone to dance to the jazz band- no one was left sitting! We consider these wonderful social moments an added bonus to an extremely fulfilling and memorable academic conference.

We look forward to the next meeting, where we can continue to share our thinking and forge new territory in our approaches to children’s development.

Sincere greetings

Monique Parkes and Oriana Ramunno 

Conceptual PlayLab

School of Educational Psychology and Counselling 

Monash University Peninsula Campus

You can download the photo collage from the conference here .

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