Outgoing Executive committee meeting minutes

Minutes ISCAR EXECUTIVE 2014 – 2017

Monda28 August 2017

17:00 18:30

BUSINESS MEETING AGENDA Outgoing Executive Committee

Welcome and open meeting

  1. Present/apologies

    Not present: Aminu

    Meeting with incomming exec thursday lunchtime, 12 – 1.30, Take a table, including people from Natal for next congress.

  2. Adoption of the Agenda (All) Yes.

  3. Minutes from previous meeting

    * Open is still, (will also be in the secretarial report 2017):

>Contact editors of journals to ask what they need (technically) for the r educed fee

From the expert advice the questions to the publishers/editors should be:

    • How do you want to have the information on who is an ISCAR member? E.g.. via een monthly CSV file; via an http request; manualy; via a SOAP request?
    • How do you work with user accounts, since the user accounts on your website should be matched to the membership in CIVICRM system of ISCAR
    • Where can we find the technical information on connecting the system, once the info is available?

Contact: books, springer and journals: MCA, Ethos, LCS, C-H P

> not all budget is used for helping with setting up website, memberships system, payment system, the remaining budget can be used for developing the weebsite infrastructure.

>> Discussion: budget might be needed for maintainance of the website.

  1. Secretarys Report (MartijnISCAR_secretarialReports17 

    See report, also to be used for future reference for the secretary in combination to the manual for current tasks.

    >> This raises questions on what kind of association ISCAR wants to be. Also in relation to ISCARS financial status and stability.

    >> Here are regional differences. e.g Brasilians want to be member national ISCAR (which is not there.

    >> Regional differences in activity, involvement, memberbase; this could be rethought.

    You can organise on issues and/or regions or countries depending on strongness of region/issues

  2. Financial Report (Thérèse)

    78.000 euros in the bank.

    This year about 12.000 euro’s is coming in, by contribution and congress fee.

    This is less than expected, from the congress.

    If membership pays for loss in congresses, we have to rethink our model.

    Congress hopefully breaks even. 100 accepted participants (form 450) did not register and only 5 form 8 scholarships are paid (3 did not come). People are asking for reimbursement, what will we do. Even cancelling the last minute (after July).

    People who missed the date and aksed for reimbursement after the date, will not be reimbursed. In very special cases we can consider reimbursement, when evidence is provided. Decisions will be made after the congress by the exec committee.

  3. Decide next venue for ISCAR Congress 2017 (All)

    It is Brasil, in Natal.

    Timing of congress should be reconsidered, since end of august in Quebec rendered less attendees.

    Sponsorship should be considered and hard financial dicisions will have to be made (see 5).

  4. Potential changes to Executive Orders (i.e. taking one year subscription from non-members at ISCAR2020); advisory only for new executive to action.

    Also see 5 and 11.

  5. Newsletter needs to be discussed how to go forward. (Aminu)

  6. Section Report (Mariane)

    Two sections: CHACDOC and STEM.

    It is important to have more sections, since ISCAR’s future can be content.

    New section neuroscience section is being set up by a group of Natal, helped by Nikolay. This could be a message to others who want to join ISCAR.

  7. Regional coordinators’ reports

    AU: second regional meeting in cooperation, 6 countries. Will be every two years

    RUS: Much work has been done, among Summer University in Moscow. ISCAR is popular, by young. Now we have a large delegation in congress, although late actions from attendees.

    GENLAUT: maybe a bid in 23

    NorthAM: getting closer to ISLS and SIG AERA.

    Nordic: strong and active

    South/MiddelAMCAR: not very active.

    Mediterenean : good regional meeting, with theme., 100 presentation, from 16 countries.

    Brasil: Regional meeting, 72 participants, 21 research groups.

  8. Anticipation of new executive members and possible positions (All)

    André and Manolis are resigning too.

    Mentioning in regional meeting that there will be new responsibilities in the new exec. So read the exec.orders in order to decide what role new members will want.

    Given the large change in exec. It appropriate that the outgoing secr., treasurer and president extend the transitionperiod (treasurer one semester). This should be in new exec orders.

  9. Members’ meeting: key issues

  1. report of the Executive Committee on the activities of the Association

  2. financial report of the treasurer with budget estimate for the years up to and including the year of the next congress

  3. introduction of new executive committee and key positions

  4. announcement of next venue for ISCAR2020

  5. announcement of the next Members’ Meeting

  1. Any other business (All)

Close of meeting

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