More information for the upcoming 2024 ISCAR International Congress

Dear all,
I have been talking to different people who are willing to take part in organizing the conference and we settled on this set up so far:

- Theme of the conference: Inclusiveness as a future challenge

- Set up: Hybrid, we strive to keep the climate impact low and maximize the oppurtunities for all people to join, so we want to look for possibilities to have groups from different regions that will gather in their own regions and join certain sessions online with good moderation.

- Location: Rotterdam, this city is a bit cheaper than Amsterdam in terms of conference centres and hotels, is easy to reach by train and has an airport itself and is 30 minutes from Amsterdam airport.

- Organizing committee: Chiel van der Veen (Windesheim University of applied Sciences), Thomas Hoffman (Universität Innsbruck), Jan Steffens (Universität Bremen), Bea Pompert (Centre for Developmental Education Alkmaar), Anders Schinkel (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Martijn van Schaik (Da Vinci College), Marjolein Dobber (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

- Using help in organizing: we will ask the Leids congress bureau who have much experience in organizing (educational) conference, they have a system for submissions, review, registration and payment and can help with looking for locations for the congress, the social program, funds, etc.

- Dates of the conference: 26 to 31 august 2024, first two days for workshops/PhD day that we want to organize in institutions for vocational education, we also want to include visits to schools and early childcare institutes and organize presentations there, 28-31 for the conference.


- Format: paper sessions, symposia, posters, round tables, interactive sessions on specific topics, theory-practice sessions on schools

- Expected number of participants: 600-1000

- Possible organizations/companies/etc. that could be interested in sponsoring: our own universities/research schools, municipality of Rotterdam, LEARN! Research school of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Luria association, each for 5000 euros

- Next steps: work out financial plan

- Informing people about the conference via the ISCAR website and mailing lists, facebook page and newsletter, via journals Learning, Culture and Social Interaction and Mind, Culture and Activity, and EARLI SIGs on play (28) and social interaction (10).

-Ask ISCAR members to act as reviewers.


If you have any questions or suggestions I would love to hear that.


Best wishes,


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